Yes, let’s!

Let’s have music in daily doses
A reminder of choice, a remedy for change.

Lets dance in and out of our youth
Aching bones, pleading heads, pores pouring out the residue of indulgent nights before.

Lets have music pulsing, pounding our hips, moving us against our will.

It’s hardly a weekend thing.

Let’s play music low, sensually and slowly dine
By love, lust and candlelight.

Let’s have love like an old couple dancing in their Sunday best.
That’s hardly a weekend thing.

Lets be on, say yes, please sir can I have some more?

Let’s be CEOs of life: Constant Enjoyers of Life.
Let’s live 7 days a week.
Let’s want to do our have-to-dos.

Life is hardly a weekend thing.


3 thoughts on “Yes, let’s!

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