Dreaming to live, or living to dream?

I’ve been thinking about dreams a bit this weekend – dream life, dream jobs (and literal dreams – but that’s another topic). I sometimes feel annoyed when I hear people speak about their jobs as if its a torture they did not choose for themselves. Then I catch myself and try and imagine what circumstances they’re in – how many bills they need to pay and mouths to feed.

Still, I wonder what makes us get so attached to misery. By choice.

If there was no need for money – if all your bills and financial responsibilities were suddenly taken care of for you – what would you choose as your dream job? Maybe you have a list of dream jobs, which are not even jobs but the lifestyle you’d follow if you could choose it. What would that look like?

Why are you not actively pursuing it? Why the huge gap between the dream and life? Is it really just financial obligations?

Can’t be…


8 thoughts on “Dreaming to live, or living to dream?

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  7. Dear Tia,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is a wonderful article that you have written. Sometimes yes very sadly the financial obligations that make us do what we are doing, but one of the other critical thing is the social obligations. Having said that, we need definitely overcome those obstacles.
    My dream is to be a writer and own a book shop in a beach town.
    First step to writing has been this blog and i was lucky enough to meet some divine goddess and getting inspired by them.
    I am very glad and happy to be connected with you!!
    Please feel free to visit my blog when you get time and i would love to know your thoughts on few of my writings!!

    Thank you

  8. Hi Aarthi

    Thank you for connecting with me. I’m glad you could relate to the post. I will certainly check out your blog and stay in touch. I read a Toni Robbins quote today that reminded me to be proud of myself and others who live inspired:

    “No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.”

    You have an awesome dream. I sure hope you make it reality!


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