My Earth Community: Volunteer Tutors Wanted

My Earth Community (a child organization of City at Peace nonprofit organisation) partners and builds relationships with communities to create opportunities for holistic development to encourage sustainable social change, focusing on education, social upliftment and the theme of Alleviating the Cycle of Poverty.

One of these initiatives is Tut-Arts, which provides a safe space for high school learners to be equipped and empowered within their own community so as to achieve their full potential. To assist learners in their holistic development the My Earth Community also provides: Arts training, Life skills development using theatre, digital centre and computer training and career advice. Tut-Arts seeks to appoint Volunteer Tutors to work in the Kensington / Factreton area in Cape Town.


These persons are expected to be educated, responsible, committed, passionate and willing to spend 4 hours every Saturday morning to assist and tutor vibrant high school learners specifically in the areas of Mathematics, Science, English and Afrikaans.


Learners will bring the material they want to cover (sections of the curriculum with which they’re struggling, past tests and exam papers, homework, assignments, etc), and sit in small groups within their grades with the tutors. The tutor is expected to assist and facilitate the learning environment. The environment is supportive and open to all models of learning.


  • Have completed or currently studying for a tertiary qualification
  • Communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to build positive tutor-learner relationships;
  • Commitment and punctuality;
  • Ability to work in a group setting;
  • A passion for working with young people;
  • Good reading and writing abilities;
  • Patience and creativity;
  • Ability to help learners become self-sufficient;
  • Must arrange own transport.

Urgent Tutoring needed in: Mathematics, Science, English and Afrikaans.

Contact Wahseema on or leave your details with Wesley on 021 801 0845.


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