Daily Prompt: No, Thank You

Recycled divinity for my religion
No, thank you
Bootlegged rites and traditions
No, thank you
Relinquishing my spiritual decisions
No, thank you
How am I to grow into a goddess under a man’s rule?

A weekly weakening of my mind
No, thank you
Punishment if you don’t abide
No, thank you
Inside a comfort zone you reside
No, thank you
How am I your equal when my humanity is denied?

Can I choose a righteous life
without a cross, stars or moon?
May I see you for who you are
and not for the god you choose?
May we address injustice together
without the cause being misunderstood?
May we recognise when we fear our greatness
and keep love divine and true.

Inspired by Sunday and Daily Prompt: No, Thank You.

Inspired to be live leaderless in order to avoid a ‘follower’ mentality – it’s brought no good to our world, only self-serving gods.


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