Lost and Free(d)

We’ve made our selves unacceptable
Our nakedness now susceptible to our shame
We try on something new
Fuss and feel our way through
Trying to smile through the pinch of brand new shoes

We envy, we covet, we hide us well
We disguise our selves
as those we despise
We rationalise, we finger the facts
We linger and faff and make no sense at all

Far gone and long lost are we, in the religions of our fathers
The expedition towards acceptable bores us
We struggle to reconcile with old ways as we change
But who are we to say
Unquestionably close to these roots we’re supposed to remain

We find a new path on which to run
Sometimes we’re brave enough to create one
We add more ways to be ourselves sensibly
But few walk far out there where minds are free
Because if we’re all free who will lead our feet?



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