Wake up!

Inspired by:

‘If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.’  Jim Rohn

Who brought me to this place? Of my own accord no way I would have… I had no say in this: these friends, this job, this love.

But a quiet whisper stirs in my centre – a persistent nagging cry I’ll ignore. I’ll close my eyes. I won’t hear it any more.

But it penetrates my defence: you want this, because here you are. Or you are here because you found an excuse.

Saying yes to everything can be a tiring way to progress but I’d rather keep on than sit pretty in distress. I’m not sure what we’re here for but it can’t be by mistake so my living will be full of life my life will not be


I will penetrate this defence I have erected around my mind, blinding myself with words from mouths who’s intent for the evolution of my spirit is null.

I will speak aloud those whispers taboo and debate, discuss, dissect its ironies. I will make my choices with the brave ones for eventually the borderline will be our village.

Sometimes those fools are only fools in the eyes of those who fear from the sidelines – if you’re one of those I don’t condemn your heart.

But don’t whisper your fears into mine.


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