Ramblings on change

Everything changes – whether you choose to ignore it, embrace it, or fail to make sense of it. Some changes seem new, most are recycled, others are simply reversions back to what was.

Ignore it:

Yet, we’re still asking the same questions about the same sicknesses plaguing our societies, the ‘government’ being corrupt, feeling harassed by changes we accept by doing nothing (which is something). Injustice is totally unacceptable from the living room couch, right? As long as you’re not directly affected.

Embrace it:

Ask questions and find your own truth; hear the questions of others and challenge your understanding of the world. Get off the couch and change that which you feel strongly about. Let go of the fear of a different perspective and replace it with what you never knew, you never knew.

Fail to make sense of it:

Everything changes everything. Action, reaction, no action. And sometimes it doesn’t even have to make any sense at all. Be aware of that which you instinctively feel the need to reject: is the rejection based on your learned sense of how the world should work?

We are born into cultures, religions, skin tones, communities, gender and a host of other boxes – then we are programmed to accept certain ways and beliefs as being right and wrong. Where is it written that choosing something different is a bad thing?

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