All I think about is you

Dear Cityzen

I received all your scent-soaked letters, with all its words vomited onto the page in so many unstructured songs, sonnets and odes. So many words you’ve used, so many corny lines a refrain, All I think about is you.

Life is waiting for you today; take time. Who lied to you? I will not be possessed; and Life, she has little patience. We’re an emotionless pair.

I thought I’d let you know that despite what you think you know of me, I simply keep inching along regardless of you. You rush frantically trying to hold on to me – so clingy you are. How about a little space sometimes?

Keep walking, run sometimes if you must but if all you think about is me what futile romance you indulge in. I have been here for all of me. You won’t be the last infatuated fool. We can never be apart, but we’ll never be together either.

I walk, I never run. I have no thoughts of you.


Daily Prompt: Can’t Drive 55


9 thoughts on “All I think about is you

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