Love sick

Mythical ever afters, broken heart and bruised ego;

After all my princes this is what I have to show.

Each time I fell I looked back and thought,

I’m doing it differently this time, I’m love-taught.


And so tightly I held on to my precious heart.

And carefully I fell, in fact not really falling I was,

Treading too smartly to be reckless because I

Have learned to love carefully over time.


And how lucky I was to meet someone who too,

Was taking care of his heart the way I do.

Checking regularly for cracks, making sure it shone,

Perhaps he’s perfect for me, maybe he’s the one!


If he keeps his heart so closely guarded,

He’ll be careful not to hurt me, not love too hard.

He loves me gently, with open-eyed kisses.

So much care, too much care, is this what love is?


Second-guessing my intentions, he’s clearly not all in.

Who does that anyway? Love’s a delicious mess – jump in!


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