Battle of the Chemists

As words rushed endlessly from his mind, from his mouth

I fought to be in it but I was out, I was out

The mutual space we’d created supersaturated fast

My opinions were requested but it played no part


A sentence snuck a peek over the curve of my lips

It was decapitated by his ad-libbed scripts

I picked up its remains and quickly drank it up

My thoughts trailed behind, bits remained in his cup


This chemist he was diluted him and me with super speed

He’d foreseen a combination and devised a recipe

His vision of us was too much, too fast, too neat

And perhaps stirring over high heat he brewed his own defeat


I did not fight for air time, or try the edge-wise thing

Without armour I was so the takeover exhausted me

In-wordly I guarded my thoughts from potential slaughter

He left me no chemical reaction to decipher hereafter


Would he leave me no chance to crave the music in his voice

On days apart when being apart is our only choice

No moments for me to anticipate its aural caress

No recollection of our wordplay to stimulate me in full dress


An unbalanced equation never works – it’s elementary

Our mixture indicated the absence of chemistry

No binding energy to connect us left us

To part ways hearts unsparked, lips untouched


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