Stuck in a circle steadily I slipped

Words bled from my lips

My feet fought the trip

I spun into a controlled state of doubt

Re-tinting my world with your selfish clout

I have lusted, I had leased your love but I lucked out

With you I had tiptoed endlessly through tenses of truth and dare

While time, a secret lover, minded her affairs

Years disappeared I was unaware

Of my undiagnosed state while under your care

My heart bled out, my adrenalin neutralised

Enchantment faded with each reprise

This chronic state was wearing me down

I tried getting up and planting my feet back on the ground

But I couldn’t take flight, I had no more fight

So I rescued my heart to nurture it back to life

And just like that your withdrawal kicked in

My happy heart was your medicine

Turns out it was you, not me, who was the patient

But because of you I needed Haemostasis

In fairness you never prescribed me a fairy tale high

Never once made me a promise that you’d be mine

Yet you pleaded for a love of some indefinite kind

And you prince charmed me into giving it up every time

And so I lusted, I leased your love and repeatedly I lucked out

I lusted, I leased your love and now
I am lovered out!


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