A body that never lies

My body has never lied to me,

So I trust it explicitly.

This includes the workings of my mind,

Because it is mine

I trust your nature

The body never lies

Even as we subject ourselves

To an unnatural hell –

Wait. What am I telling

You, hell is an imaginary dwelling.

You’ve been there

Or was that a lie

Let us not allow this thievery.

We’re too magnificent to be

Told we’re free and then celebrate as if

We didn’t have the choice to be.

Even as religious creatures

Our bodies never lie

Grieving at our unnatural reality,

Our expectations created to be

Greater than who we are naturally.

We nurture the guilt of the guilty.

Trust your truth

My body’s never lied

Only we can deliver ourselves from

This poorly scripted infatuation.

Reread each line in a dark room on

Your own sometimes. Come.

I trust your nature

You’ve been there

Even as a religious creature

Trust your truth.

Your body never lies

And neither will your mind


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