Butt is the new black

Put yo ass out

Or you won’t get any cash out

But if you’re the new cat

Put some of that back

We don’t wanna see all your blue black

Unless you’re doing that

Art for ads or endorsement rap

Getting your cheques and backside stamped

We see you working

For your sons and daughters

Butt is thicker than water

Twerk what you must

The rule of bum is

We’re allowed to love you some

As long as you butt your tongue

Demonstrate how we’re supposed to play dumb

Mum’s the word along with bum

The new black is the bottom

Line – no more harvesting grapes or picking cotton

We’re getting our capital on

Thinking we’ve flipped the butt

But the reality is we’ve gone from being raped

To being publicly fucked

Put yo ass out and you may get some cash out

No butts about it

Let’s not crucify a ‘video hoe’

Over the prostitute we don’t know

The beyonces we adore

The nickis we abhor

Let’s not pass the butt

Before it was taken from us

Now we just give it up

There was bound to be backlash

After our fatigued attacks back

Fighting not to succumb

To centuries of playing numb

Will we even be able to taste

that mouldy old pie?


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